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    All our walking sticks are made of solid wood. The shafts are turned on a lathe by hand and the handles are hand shaped. We can custom cut our walking sticks to your needed height. The woods we offer are all considered to be the genuine article by fine woodworkers throughout the world. Zericote (Cordia dodecandra) is found only in Belize, Eastern Guatemala and Southern Mexico. It is one of the most exotic and highly sought after woods due to its incredible wide-spaced black stripes. Rosewood (Dalbergia stevensonii) has been used for years on the dashboards of Jaguar Cars and is used extensively in the music industry due to its density and tone. Considered the only real rosewood in the world, Dalbergia stevensonii varies in color from a red-ish brown to purple. Mahogany, also known as Honduran Mahogany (Sweetenia macrophylia) is famous thoughout the world due to its use for cabinetry and dye since the 16th Century by the British. Mahogany, when first cut, is a pale yellow pink. Over time, the more it is exposed to sunlight, mahogany darkens to an incredible deep mahogany red.

    Wood Type:

    Belizean Hardwoods


    34 1/4" height; approx. 7/8" diameter of shaft

    Approx. Weight:

    0.55 kg
    $38 for Mahogany and $45 for hardwoods.

    Shipping (US$):

    $17 to any of the 48 US states