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    Hot Mamas Pepper Sauce Set

    Description: The Hot Mama's sauce set is made from fresh selected vegetables and habanero peppers. It includes 1 manganero, 1 mild, 1 hot, 1 fiery, and 1 sweet pepper sauce, 1 mini pepper jelly and 1 mini Orange Blossom Honey. Hot Mama's sauces are great on seafood, chicken, meat, vegetables, noddles and other foods you want to spice. For a touch of Belizean flavor, spice your life with HOT MAMA'S. . Due to its size ,it is perfect to carry in your pocket to spice your meal whereever you go! Available in: Hot and Fiery Hot


    1.5 kg.
    (5 x 50 ml & 1 mini honey & 1 mini jam)

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    Marie Sharp's Pepper Sauce Set


    The Marie Sharp Pepper sauce set contains four mini pepper sauces, each having a different flavor spice. It is packed in a small wooden crate for easy shipping with the theme "Belizean Heat" stamped on four sides


    50 ml each mini bottle

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